Based in: Orlando, FL

Genres: Pop-Rock, R&B, Rock n Roll

Years Active: 2014- Present

Website: thebeatbrothersband.com

The Beat Brothers Band is a Soul-inspired, Pop-Rock group created by Singer/Songwriter/Producer brothers Mikey and Danny McCabe. Based in Orlando, Florida, the Beat Brothers Band’s sound blends the popular styles of Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran, the songwriting and harmonies of The Beatles and The Beach Boys, with the soulful grooves of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Mikey and Danny began pursuing music in 2014. In 2015, Mikey performed alongside The Beach Boys in Jacksonville, FL. At that moment he knew he wanted to make music forever. Since then, they have been writing, recording, and performing nonstop.

The brothers have released multiple singles across all online platforms, along with three albums of original material: Home Tunes, Listen to the Beat, and That Summer Feelin’. These albums include all-original songs written, recorded, produced, and mixed by the brothers at home. The songs feature high-energy performances with danceable grooves that everyone can jam out to. The music video for their original song Dance Floor (Remix) won “Best Pop Music Video” at the 2020 Indies Original Music Competition. The Beat Brothers Band is currently working on new material, collaborating with fellow artists, and performing across the Southeast US, jamming all the way.



Fan Concentration Map

Highest Concentrations in

Orlando, Florida and

Los Angeles, California



“Mikey and Danny tell us the arrangements and journey is all their idea, which clearly displays an otherworldly maturity and connection to some sort of musical genius.”

Chuck Fresh, Local Beat Live

“Tall, handsome, and fresh-faced, we could immediately see that rare twinkle in their eyes that countless A&R reps are all too familiar with.”

Chuck Fresh, Local Beat Live

Fan Summary

(updated April 2022)

Instagram: 1, 296

Facebook: 996

Twitter: 882

YouTube: 396



For Bookings, Contact

Mikey McCabe

(407) 761-9836


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